Getley UK

Getley UK’s sustainability pledge

Getley UK's bespoke kitchen manufacture and supplier Egger's bespoke kitchen, bedroom and bathroom board that is sustainably sourced

We are committed to conducting business in a manner that prioritizes sustainability and actively contributes to the wellbeing of society and the communities in which we operate. We focus on using suppliers with the same goals towards the environment as ourselves such as Egger whose product is sourced from PEFC and FSC accredited forests. We work closely with our package suppliers to ensure that the highest recycled percentage products are used and further look at ways to making our packaging more efficient but still continue with the high quality packaging of our goods that our customers have come to know. We further add to this commitment through our recycling measures, our waste monitoring and our continual improving on our processes to minimise our environmental impact.

Getley UK's manufacturing sustainability pledge including FSC & PEFC. Allowing our bespoke kitchen designers to continue creating bespoke cabinets in a more environmentally friendly way.